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The film tells the story of Tirant lo Blanc (Toni Salvatierra), a young man who follows a group of Christian pirates from southern France to North Africa, in order to find treasure. It is based on the historical adventures of Tirant lo Blanc, a legendary Catalan commander of the Battle of the San Juan Islands during the period of the Reconquista. It was released on December 4, 2006 and was a box office success in Spain. Plot The film begins in a Christian pirate's camp, in southern France. The pirates want to leave their desolate campsite, and discover the legend of a “treasure island.” They are commanded by a religious pirate with a tattoo of a skull on his face (played by Soledad Wilkins). He sends one of his crewmen to report the news to the Grand Admiral, who is known as the “White Admiral.” The White Admiral sends a man (Zafer) to personally look for the treasure. When the White Admiral learns of the news, he decides to go and investigate himself. He reveals to his subordinates, played by Abril, Adrià and Sant, that he thinks the pirates’ story is true and plans to travel by sea. The White Admiral takes a large group of his ships and sets sail. During the course of the journey, a storm arises and the ship is shipwrecked. The White Admiral and a few of his men are rescued, but the others are lost at sea. Meanwhile, the White Admiral's nephew (played by Estrelita) is being prepared for a romantic marriage to his distant cousin, Sira de Blanchat (played by Wilkins). The day of the wedding arrives and the wedding guests are assembled. But during the feast, a brave warrior (played by Abril) suddenly appears, aiming a spear at the young bride. However, the White Admiral's nephew breaks the spear with his ax and kills the warrior. The wedding proceeds. A week later, the White Admiral receives a message telling him of the shipwreck. He immediately travels to the location of the shipwreck with his men. Meanwhile, the leader of the pirates’ camp (Tirant lo Blanc) (played by Zafer) is taking revenge on the White Admiral. He directs his men to attack the wedding feast. The White Admiral and his men are forced to take refuge in the castle. Tirant lo Blanc and his men attack



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Download Tirante El Blanco Movie Movie

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